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Pragati Magazine:

Dear Reader,

Today marks an important development here at Skaizen Group. After years of hard work and research on all kinds of topics on social activity, we have come to a point in time where our perseverance and expertise have allowed us to branch out from a sole focus on quarterly basis magazine. I am delighted to introduce this first edition of the "Pragati Magazine" in Hindi language. We intend to make it a regular publication on quarterly basis and to use it to keep you in touch with news and developments which relate to the Skaizen activity and its implementation. This is a fully entertainment and knowledful magazine. This is a 30-page, glossy magazine that will include stories, poetries jokes, puzzles, brain storming activities, general knowledge, magic tricks, science games, health tips, food recipe, new indoor & outdoor games, craft & designs for kids, and lots of other positve news such as details of new steps of Skaizen group. We have always devoted ourselves to presenting our content with the highest quality and, while the caliber of our great content remains at its utmost level, we have decided to push the boundaries further and strive for new goals. All of the articles have been written exclusively for the magazine. In this way we aim to provide good atmosphere in our society which are of direct benefit to human health and quality of life. Whilst the majority of the material in this magazine is inevitably from the Skaizen Group, we are keen to respond to the interests of our readers and look forward to your feedback and comments on this first edition. Therefore, we invite you to continue with us on this journey. Bestow us with your continued interest and loyalty, and we promise to continue delivering valuable insight on social acitivities. Finally may I thank all of you who contribute to the Skaizen activity and to its application. I would also like to add my thanks to my colleagues and supporting staffs who are the energetic powerhouse behind the Pragati magazine. We thank each and every one of you for your support and are thrilled to see what the future plans for Pragati Magazine.

Chief editor
"Pragati Magazine"