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Overview: Skaizen is building a retail network in India for selling multiple retail products through Channel Partners, Distributors and Dealers. We have own manufacturing products and around 10+ corporate tie-ups for selling multiple products in each region across India wherein our teams positions the technology and understand the customers' requirements. The implementation is executed through our channel partners and distributor, Dealer network.

Skaizen is identifying to appoint channels across geography of India and the nature of business done by them. This network is one of the most robust service delivery & branding channels for corporate players who want to reach out to rural customers across India. At Retail Network we're passionate about sales and we believe the journey starts with insights, helping brands to better understand their customers, retailers and the marketplace. We love connecting brands with customers, with our network, merchandising and demonstration. We create positive atmosphere to build brand reputation and ultimately sell more.

We have great relationships with key channel partners, ensuring every person we deploy in-store has a genuine appetite for consumer electronics and a high level of product knowledge. This, combined with the understanding of how retailers operate, helps us sell more products to consumers whilst providing a unique and memorable experience.

We Provide: Skaizen provide to support rural networks, assist the channel partners, distributors and dealers. The company also carries on the business of providing outsourcing services for all processes in retail business, processes, transactions, activities and all other work performed by business in various industries within India.

In recent years to address the need of taking a more customer oriented approach to marketing, the 4P's of retail marketing have been revised and replaced by the 4C's:
1) Consumer Vs Product
2) Cost Vs Price
3) Convenience Vs Place
4) Communication Vs Promotion

Being aware of the fundamentals of retail network, we are focusing rural market with our advanced philosophy.


"To create one stop solution for multiple products."


To be a premier market - focused organization that develops multiple product range for every need, enabling success from the centre of technology, produce predictable earnings for our business partners and become an enterprising environment for our society."

Core Team

Skaizen has a highly energetic, passionate and professional core team.
Skaizen has a broad network of Sales & Marketing teams, professional trainers, social volunteers and service facilitators to offer a high quality and affordable products.
Skaizen team loves challenges and currently we are at work to create an entity where technology will converge to be a single platform to create a unique social environment where all of us shall address this in a solution bound model.
We are creating immense value through a system of transparent and effective working methods.
Our corporate training programs provide holistic solutions and we are committed to a philosophy of excellence.

Focus Area

Skaizen is a skills training, marketing & education company which has multiple services for corporate sectors, factories, organizations and institutions. Skaizen has specific focus on rural markets and believe that the true growth of India can emerge only if the rural markets become self sustaining. We are the bridge between rural India and corporate sector.

Skaizen Services

1) Retail Network: Retail Network is identifying to appoint channel partners, Distributors, Dealers across geography of India and selling multiple retail products through them like RO, LED Bulbs, Solar Panel, Batteries, LED TV, CCTV Camera, Fans and LED lighting products.

2) FMCG Division: Skaizen has started vast range of FMCG products from 1st of June 2018. Skaizen provide to support rural networks, assist the distributors and retailers.

3) Skaizen 24: Skaizen has launched chain of departmental stores for multiple FMCG and Consumer Durable products in Semi Urban areas with the name of SKAIZEN 24.

4) Corporate Training division which focuses on employee/distributor retains programs through multiple re-skilling and up-skilling techniques to the existing workforce.

5) Skills Training is a unique training tool that focuses on skill development for employment. It is a Unique training programs with new innovative teaching methods.

6) Advance Education division which focuses high quality educational program for brain and skill development of children's.

7) Social Marketing division which focuses high generating social impact and build a brand image for progressive companies. We focus on training them on motivational subjects & behavioral training programs.