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Skaizen 24

Skaizen has launched a chain of Departmental Store with the name of Skaizen 24. Skaizen 24 is a public retail establishment offering a wide range of consumer goods and FMCG products under a single roof. In modern major cities, the departmental store made a dramatic appearance and permanently reshaped shopping habits, and the definition of service and luxury. Each Skaizen 24, stocks electrical, electronic, solar, home utility products including food, toiletries, beauty products and more - available at competitive prices that our customers appreciate. Skaizen 24 is available in 2 categories- Mini & Mega Stores. Our core objective is to offer customers good products at great value. We want to build Skaizen 24 into an efficient, large and profitable retail chain that is highly respected by customers, partners and employees alike. We research, identify and make available new products and categories that suit the everyday needs of the Indian family. Our mission is to provide the best value possible for our customers, so that every rupee they spend on shopping with us gives them more value for money than they would get anywhere else.

Skaizen 24 is described as having all of the advanced characteristics of the departmental store.

  • Your order will be delivered at your doorstep.
  • Give monthly payment through Card.
  • Avail lots of offer in branded products.
  • Exclusive ID card for every member.
  • Earn credit points in every shopping.
  • Advanced android app for smart shopping.
  • Lots of marketing activities for product promotions.