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Retail Network

Skaizen is building a retail network in India for selling multiple retail products through Channel Partners, Distributors and Dealers. We have around 10+ corporate tie-ups for selling their products in each region across India wherein our teams positions the technology and understand the customers' requirements. The implementation is executed through our systems integrators channel partners and distributor network. Skaizen is identifying to appoint channels across geography of India and the nature of business done by them. This network is one of the most robust service delivery & branding channels for corporate players who want to reach out to rural customers across India.

At Retail Network we're passionate about sales and we believe the journey starts with insights, helping brands to better understand their customers, retailers and the marketplace. We love connecting brands with customers, with our network, merchandising and demonstration. We create positive atmosphere to build brand reputation and ultimately sell more.

We have great relationships with key channel partners, ensuring every person we deploy in-store has a genuine appetite for consumer electronics and a high level of product knowledge. This, combined with the understanding of how retailers operate, helps us sell more products to consumers whilst providing a unique and memorable experience.

Skaizen provide to support rural networks, assist the channel partners and dealers. The company also carries on the business of providing outsourcing services for all processes in retail business, processes, transactions, activities and all other work performed by business in various industries within India.