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Skaizen LED Bulb

A lamp that is 85% energy saving and has uniform color delivery, this product is sure to keep every corner of a room lit. Skaizen LED bulbs are the perfect installment that will give you optimum brightness and low maintenance cost.

Certified Bright LED's:
Skaizen LED's are certified by the IS 16102 Part1: 2012. The LED lights not only offer longevity, but also long-lasting brightness and consistency in color distribution

85% Energy Saving:
Skaizen LED Bulbs have energy saving capacity of up to 85% more and higher performance compared to equivalent Incandescent Lamps.

Beam Angle: 210 degree

High Protection:
User Safety being our topmost priority, our LED lights have IC based Electronic Driver with high protection. This also helps in increasing the reliability of the LED lights.

Environment Friendly: Zero Mercury added.

Non Flicker Performance:
Live a stress free life with our LED lights that come with an added advantage of flicker free performance and equal distribution of light.

25000 Hours life:
Complete consumer satisfaction of high performance, glare-free brightness and low energy consumption with an everlasting product burning life of over 20 years.

Ratings Available: 5W, 7W, 9W & 12W AC Bulbs in Classic & Premium Models.